Winter Break


Fri, March 3 – April 16:  Modell’s 15% Sale  (click this link for coupon)
Sat, March 4:
 Dick’s Sporting Goods 20% 1-Day Sale  (click this link for coupon)
Sat, March 18
:  WNLL Baseball & Softball Clinic @ South HS  (for everybody!)

Sat, April 1, 9:00am:  Opening Day Ceremony & Parade of Teams
Fri, May 12, 7:05pm:  League Night Out – Houston vs NY Yankees



– Game “start times” throughout the schedule are being moved-up this season.  Example: Saturday first pitch at 9:00am (except Opening Day).
– “1-minute in between innings” will become a reality.  One “extra minute”, each inning, could extend the entire game 12+ minutes!  Please be prepared.
– The very fastest way for us to notify you of league news is this website.  Please check it often. But please remember that the Web Admin commutes from New York City 😉 





A baseball features a rubber or cork center, wrapped in yarn and covered, in the words of the Official Baseball Rules “with two strips of white horsehide or cowhide, tightly stitched together.”

There are 108 double stitches on a baseball, or 216 individual stitches.

A regulation softball has at least 88 stitches. Almost 90 inches of red waxed thread are used to sew on the cover. Most softballs measure 12 or 11 inches around and weigh approximately 6 ounces or slightly less depending on the size of the ball.



WNLL Family Tragedy Update
23yo Tommy McGuire, long-time WNLL player, suffered a spinal cord injury in a pool accident on June 11, 2016. For updates on his progress, and neighborly support, please click this link.
WNLL supports the McGuire family during this difficult time.




CLINIC TRAINING —–>  Time to Call Ken Ulrich !!
   or   (845) 353-4222   or   learnbaseball@hotmail.com

Ken Ulrich and Staff will be running a variety of clinics from one-on-one private lessons to small group instruction as well as team clinics at VISION SPORTS CLUB in Pearl River.

Private Lessons . . . Small Group Clinics 1 to 5 ratio . . . Team Clinics

Mondays & Wednesdays during January, February and March.

Baseball & Softball instruction are open to all ages 6 – 18.

www.KenUlrichBaseball.com   or   (845) 353-4222   or   learnbaseball@hotmail.com



– Patrick Kivlehan:  Cincinnati Reds AAA-Louisville Bats (STATS LINK)

– Jason Vosler:  Chicago Cubs – AA Tennessee Smokies (STATS LINK)



Little League Age-Change Explanation:
Little League conducted a very detailed participation research project. That research showed that parents, players, and volunteers want to see Little League® become, as a whole, a younger program, and give children an easier way to play Little League with their classmates. Our volunteer District Administrators and the Little League International Board of Directors carefully considered the results of the research, and ultimately changed the Age Determination Date for all divisions of Little League Baseball to August 31. This change will ensure that no child playing in the Little League/Major Division will turn 13 years old at any point during their final season in that division. 




NEW LL RULE: Boundary Rule Provides Options (click here to see the Rule)

For 75 years, the Little League community has been based on the boundaries of the local league. We are excited because for the first time in Little League’s existence, there are now two options for where your children can play Little League.

– As always, they can play for the league where your home is located.
– Or, this year (2014), a new rule allows your children to play for the league where their school is located.

In a changing educational landscape, this new rule gives parents the option to register their children for the Little League that is truly most convenient to the family, and further enhance the role of community with the classmates of your Little Leaguers® and their families.


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