Rainout Reschedulings



Rainouts will be rescheduled in the next available slot, providing it does not cause a team to play a doubleheader.


  • Major League games originally scheduled for Dexter will be made up on Dexter, games originally scheduled for Finkel will be made up on Finkel (this is subject to change in order to complete regular season by June 12) [note: all major games will be played on Dexter at this time in order to clear room for AAA games on Finkel]
  • AAA games should be rescheduled for Finkel.
  • A and AA games should be rescheduled for field 2 or Germonds 3
  • Rookie and Tee-Ball games will only be rescheduled in open slots if all other games are rescheduled.  These games will be rescheduled following June 13.
  • Major, AAA and AA should finish regular season by June 12.
  • A should finish regular season by June 19.

Rookie and Tee-Ball should finish season by June 26.


WEATHER NOTE:  There is nothing more awesome in this county than WNLL Field Crew (OK, maybe winning the Lottery and a nice hot fudge sundae after a game on a hot day).  Rain does not stop games, poor field condition does . . . potentially even on a sunny day.  We recognize numerous volunteers come from work and request updates in a timely manner.  WNLL does their best to make decisions on any cancellation as early as possible, all along doing their best to assure games will be played.  When possible, the WNLL.info website will be updated with the latest information (sometimes it’s not possible), but please go to the field per your managers’ instructions when in doubt. 


OH YEAH:  WNLL Field Crew takes care of Cesca, Finkel and Medler Fields, which are maintained with a great deal of care.  Germonds (G3, G2 and Big-Boy G1) are under the control of Clarkstown, who has a specific policy for rain-outs. They tell us if we can play or not.  If you hear “games are rained-out”, please ascertain which fields are represented in that statement.  ATTENTION PLAYERS:  Please respect the fields that are so well maintained by these hard working Field Crew members.  Please do not step on “the lines” … Please do not spit bubble gum onto the field … Please do not dig holes into grass with your cleats … Please enter dugouts from their respective gate entries … Please clean-up dugouts and bleachers of garbage … Please help return foul-balls …. etc…



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